the smart co-managing loft


How “Double Care” frees up space and releases management

After the “Care”, the innovative and easy-going desk designed to encourage a more informal and collaborative management style, Macé has gone one better with the “Double Care”, unveiled at the Orgatec trade fair, whose theme this year was “New Visions of Work & Creativity”.

Pagnon & Pelhaître, a respected design duo, have taken the “Care” concept to the next level, doubling it up for more communication, connection and sharing. The Care collection maintains its organic design, noble and innovative materials (such as solid oak and Forbo) and offers an attractive design that sets the tone for collaborative management.

Working styles are changing, and it is important, to encourage the process of change with new physical layouts, in addition to theorising. Understanding these structural factors is a key for management. Drawing inspiration from the working practices of start-ups, the Double Care breathes new freedom into conventional management approaches, shakes up hierarchical systems, flattens out processes and creates a relaxed open and friendly office.

Macé has set itself the ambitious “Smart Co-Managing Loft” challenge, to help established companies enter a new era, not through eloquent words, but through the clear and intentional design of workspaces. Changes in working methods are increasingly putting collaborative or participatory management on the table - and that is what Macé is doing – quite literally.


A real challenge

A lot needs to change: breaking down artificial separations between departments and standard line management structures for a flatter, more horizontal approach. Collaborative project-focused teamwork. Encouraging team success instead of seeking personal ego and individual victories.

Putting people back at the heart of business, to get closer to today’s markets and attract younger people, with the ultimate aim of improving the flexibility and performance of all entities and departments.

Today, spaces are opening up more and more. Offices are not fixed points, but are mobile, and are being shared to increase flexibility and speed of response but also to better serve teams. Decisions are also being made in a collective and participatory way. Many French corporations are opening up their boards to workers and young people in their companies through initiatives such as the Accor Hotels “Shadow Comex”. Others, such as the BETC advertising agency with its new base in the Magasins Généraux in Pantin, Paris region, are encouraging hot-desking or free-desking.

Double Care Stand OrgatecThe “Double Care” puts this all into practice...

The “Double Care” is designed to respond to all these managerial changes and trends.

Double CareIts soft rounded design sets the tone for welcoming team members and new ideas, and encourages calm and constructive discussions between co-managers or staff teams. The double version of Care also encourages teams to come and ask questions or have their say, connecting with the coach or coaches who are also working side by side, closer than ever, almost hand in hand. Power struggles are over!

Work is what happens when all team members go further and better together. And with the latest connectors and power supply technology, including QI chargers, the “Double Care” can be used to charge all your devices, including computers, telephones, iPads, and more.

A “key” cable solution on the desktop, providing direct and aesthetic access for all. The digital revolution waits for no man. Companies need to take their place in this new environment – a world where “Care” matters more and new skills and managerial initiatives will be vital.

As “Double Care” follows on from “Care”, Macé is going a step further in connecting people and design, and using materials to reimagine collaborative working practices.